love is a choice, with action

Documentary series of 7 chapters on how to keep Love Awakened in the couple, with specific tools on Couple Roles, Beliefs about Love, Communication, Mindfulness, and Intimacy. Interviews with experts and a real experience of a retreat with 6 volunteer couples who tell us the utility they have found with these tools in their relationships.

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Love is a somewhat complex subject on which multiple disciplines such as Art, Cinema or Literature, have been interpreted in various ways. Romantic love has been shown as something ephemeral that comes into our lives and vanishes after a while. Nobody has told us that Love is a Universal Energy and that it needs full consciousness to start it, to show it, to give and receive it.

For us, Love is a Choice with Action. This is our motto. And for this, we have developed a documentary series in which we explain, through interviews with experts and real couples, what tools are essential to bring Love and relationship to its maximum expression and make it last.

We have called these tools Smart ToolBox.

the smart love tools

chapter 1

what is love for you?

For more than 5 years we have interviewed and asked authors, scientists, journalists, specialists in human relations, people on the street, couples, etc. about Love. And the result is that we all have a very personal vision of Love, based on our personal experience and what we have learned from our family, culture, society, etc. In this chapter, we go through the various expressions of Love, in different parts of the world and from very different and not-so-different points of view. Love is something very difficult to explain and at the same time a universal language.

understanding roles

In this chapter, we will talk about the conflicts in relationships and how to approach them from a new and original point of view. Through a retreat workshop and its role-playing games, we will see new ways of approaching the couple’s relationship. The authors also tell us how they live their day-to-day with their couple and what are the tricks to keep the relationship healthy, balanced, nurtured, and lasting.

chapter 2

chapter 3

beliefs that limit the expression of love

There are many beliefs we have about what a loving relationship means. From our birth, we live in an environment that teaches us how to relate to other people, how we show, give, and receive Love. Most people believe that Love is conditioned to our behavior and that makes us believe that Love is limited and conditioned. Taking us to places where we doubt whether or not we are worthy of Love.

In this chapter we will see the beliefs that limit us when creating a healthy relationship, which begins with the great and first limiting belief: Am I worthy of receiving love? We will see how to love each other without limits or conditions and be very focused on the appearance of automatics from the unconscious.

conscious communication

Communication is one of our forgotten subjects in relationships with others and with ourselves. The way in which we talk to ourselves, how we express what we want, desire, or feel, listening or the lack of it, are the paths that we are going to cover in this chapter.

Being totally honest with ourselves and expressing from there while listening with an open heart are keys to effective and sincere communication.

chapter 4

chapter 5


In this world where we live in a future full of plans while holding on to the past too, we forget that our Life is happening now, at this precise moment. And we miss it. Taking things for granted, judging, and interpreting what happens or what we hear, takes us away from the present moment and from the Conscious Choice that we have at our disposal.

We will see different tools to stay in the present moment and how it benefits the movement and fluidity of Love in the couple’s relationship.


In our culture of fast and immediate reward, the presence, the connection, the look, and the contact remains on the surface. In this chapter, we will look at ways to approach sexuality in a conscious and full manner.

chapter 6

capítulo 7

wat is love for you now? conclusions

We revisit everything learned during the series and specify the needs to maintain a relationship based on Love, personal growth, trust, and awareness.


For the development of this documentary, we have had the collaboration of best-selling authors, scientists, journalists, sexologists, mediation and communication experts, mindfulness teachers, therapists, speakers, and so on. They themselves have told us how they manage their relationships in their personal lives. So we can count on their professional and personal vision. Something that seemed fundamental to us was to take a look at the reality of relationships in their purest form.

We have interviewed people from the street so that they could give us their totally personal vision about Love.

We also carried out what we call the “real case”, an experimental retreat with 6 couples who voluntarily agreed to receive the Smart Tool Box through workshops and activities and told us if it had been useful for them and their relationship at the time.

For the retreat, we had 5 teachers who showed the different tools to the couples and encouraged them to move Love in a conscious and fun way, awakening creativity in them and bringing awareness on how they were developing their relationships.

Ana Fernández

Ana Fernández

Ester Ruiz

Ester Ruiz

Ángeles Martínez

Ángeles Martínez

Esther Huecas

Esther Huecas

Alain Bourguinon

Alain Bourguinon

The entire documentary series has the imprint of artists, painters, singers, aerial athletes, bodypainting artist, dancers, acroyoga teachers, and so on who gave us their artistic skills to illustrate Love and its facets with images and movement.

Each and every one of them has collaborated with us in a totally altruistic way, trusting in the importance of this message for Humanity in the creation of healthier, more loving, and real relationships.


In these 5 years of work on this beautiful project, we have invested thousands of hours into production and editing of the 7 chapters, traveling, interviews with authors who nurture the message, searching for couples for the retreat, translations, and costumes. We have financed all this with our personal resources since it is a very personal project based on our experience. And we have already run out of financial resources.

We still need to give it the final touch, finishing color and audio, essential for the correct diffusion of the film, and for that, we need your help. We have created this crowdfunding to raise funds and finish this documentary that we know will help many people to recover the magic of Love in their relationships, with practical tools for everyday life and with great resources to connect each one of us with the Love that we are and from there share ourselves with others, from the conscience, the authenticity of being oneself, knowing that we are a gift for Life, that we can grow together, nurture each other and open our hearts. And by extension create a kinder and more loving world.

To finish the project we need to raise a minimum of 10,000€.

If we get your involvement, and we exceed the budget, in addition to finishing the documentary in a technical sense, we could pay our translator Christie who has been working with us for years, supporting us unconditionally day and night. We also promote the series in specific festivals of personal growth. The idea is that the message reaches as many people as possible.

If the project is successful, we want to continue investing in showing stories and messages that inspire the Human Being, that reach people’s hearts, and motivate them to lead a healthier, more loving, conscious, and fulfilling life.

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